WEDNESDAYS - 9pm-3AM u.S. Eastern


Our Mission

Cosmos was founded on the belief that everything should be as low stress and fun as possible.Our mission is to engage new players in the world of FFXIV RP, nightlife and the overall community.We're not the biggest, but we are one of the best at putting in real effort and care in everything we do.We love to hear from you, so feedback of any kind can be shared in game or via our Discord.


We want to spend Wednesday nights having real fun, vibing and spreading that positive energy.That is why we are here, that is what we do.Need someone to talk to?
Looking to make new friends?
Maybe you just want to try the nightlife scene and this is your first venue, everyone is welcomed.


We do not follow the norm, some like it, some don't. At Cosmos, our main focus is to welcome people, give them a place to feel appreciated and acknowledge their existence.What does this mean? Well, we have Partiers, not Dancers. What does a Partier do? Engage with people who are alone, chat people up on the couch and offer an ear and open heart...New to the FFXIV Nightlife scene or a sprout? Partiers will help get players up to speed offering information and resources.

The Cosmos difference

Our Partiers embody the heart of our mission here at Cosmos: to make everyone feel welcomed. If you are dancing alone or just sitting idle on the couch, expect a friendly face to greet you and ask how your day has been. We are not here to solicit services, we want to thank you for taking the time to come out and spend your valuable time with us.The honest truth is, this is a social game, real people take their time to go to a social event, people want to socialize. We want to be the place you feel comfortable talking to and meeting new friends.


Wednesday - 9PM-3AM U.S. Eastern


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to show some love?
Message us on Discord, or directly in game at Suterusu Kusanagi@Balmung

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